• Ebony Pen blanks

Common Name(s): Ceylon Ebony, East Indian Ebony Scientific Name: Diospyros ebenum

Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a jet black, sometimes with grey or dark brown streaks. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from heartwood. Ironically, the very best quality ebony looks like black plastic. Grain is typically straight or sometimes irregular, with a fine, uniform texture. Has a high level of natural luster. Overall difficult to work on account of its density and strong blunting effect on cutting edges. Can be difficult to dry, with checks or other drying defects developing. Can be difficult to glue. Ebony turns superbly, and takes a very high natural polish. No characteristic odor. Although Ceylon Ebony was the original ebony of commerce, it’s seldom available today. Expect prices to be very high, and availability to be very scarce. Inlay, carving, musical instrument parts (piano keys, bridges, nuts, etc.), and turned objects.

Pictures are just sample images. You would get similar Pieces. FOR BULK ORDERS OF MORE PRODUCTS CONTACT ME AND I WILL BE WILLING TO ASSIST YOU.

Species Ebony
Thickness 3/4”/76.2mm
Width 3/4”/76.2mm
Length 6"/152.4mm

Ebony Pen blanks

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